Hacking through authenticators

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Hacking through authenticators

Post  Alquiel on Sun 28 Feb 2010, 11:30

There is a slim possibility of being hacked even with an authenticator. For more details check front page of MMO-Champion.


Just a heads up to be even more careful now.

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Re: Hacking through authenticators

Post  Rem on Mon 01 Mar 2010, 10:04

Update on the source of infections: http://www.wow.com/2010/03/01/update-keylogger-source-identified/

In short: when installing/updating addons, ensure authenticity of the source.

Addition from me: when downloading anything WoW-related, ensure authenticity of the source.

Addition to my own addition: when downloading anything that even remotely resembles an installation program or executable file, ensure authenticity of the source. It is often better to miss out (or delay) on a useful tool than to get your account (or, for that matter, other personal data) stolen.


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