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Post  Alquiel on Fri 12 Feb 2010, 17:51

We're a group of friends who enjoy teamwork, who prefer to use real English, although you make catch us out lol-ing sometimes, and we like being polite (except to spammers!). We're based on the EU server, Darkmoon Faire and have our own Ventrilo server.

Our aims:
gradually working our way up the progression ladder, working out things for ourselves, learning as we go and discovering the more dangerous areas of Azeroth. We're aiming to start with 10 mans, from Naxxramas upwards, ideally with two weekly raid nights.

What we can offer: a comfortable approach to serious progression, determination, willingness to learn, to grow together as a strong team, encouragement and no bias against couples. And, most importantly, enthusiasm.

What we're looking for: people who want the same as we do, capable players who enjoy pulling their weight, giving their best, learning, helping each other, people who enjoy challenges, who enjoy teamwork. T7 gear isn't vital, but enthusiasm is! Although we're first and foremost a progression and raiding guild, we do welcome non-raiders too, so if one of you wants to raid, but your partner doesn't, no worries!

Our Core Values:

Respect - for fellow guildies, and for all those with whom we interact. Yes, they may be the biggest douchebag on this planet, but we don't need to lower ourselves to their level of namecalling. We want to keep the name Enthusiasm synonomous with respect and fair play.

Communication - if you feel that something's wrong, or you want to speak out about a loot drop, the way a raid went, or well, anything, please do. One of the most important things to us is your letting us know. If there is an issue, it means we can look at how we can work it out. Likewise, if we're doing something right, let us know so we keep doing it!

Reliability - during raids we ask for prompt and punctual turnout, fully repaired, flasked and prepared. Hanging around and pulling in more people generally leads to a bad start to the evening, and we'd like to minimise this as much as possible. We understand that real life may get in the way of your plans, it happens to us all. If you can, let us know beforehand.

Friendship - to be clear, you are not expected to be "best friends forever" with every member of the raid or the guild. However, we strongly believe that a friendly atmosphere in which you consider your fellow raiders friends in at least the broadest sense of the word, rather than "those other <insert random insult> who will roll against me", is an atmosphere in which both success and fun are much more likely to arise. If two members of Enthusiasm have a serious issue with each other, it is automatically top of the agenda - adversaries neither work well together, nor do they enjoy the process.

Teamwork - the ultimate goal.

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