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Post  Alquiel on Fri 12 Feb 2010, 17:59

We want one thing to be clear. We're not fans of building up "points", or of people who are there for one week in 10 getting THE piece that will benefit us more than those who partake as a solid part of the team. We've seen how it can upset people.

We're suposed to be working together as a team. We're each going to have wants and needs. Each and every member should be considerate of their fellow guild's needs, as well as their own. We want people to be grown up and good about this. However, here are a few things points on loot so people are clear from the start.

1) Main characters main specs - should always get the need first if an upgrade. We also prefer that main team players who have been working hard at things and do their best are favoured. Yes it's unfair, but this will a) lessen the pain for people who've been working hard at things only to have something they've yearned for won by someone who may or may not turn up as they feel and b) encourage people to work better. Loosely put it might be viewed as mean or blackmail into coming on raids with us. We prefer to call it the Honeypot System....

2) Main character offspecs are fine to need on things if their offspec is likely to be or is regularly used to fill in a space. These will take priority over alts unless the alt is gearing up to fill a space, in which case the alt should take preference.

3) Alts are fine to need on items when main characters do not.

4) Matching armour class gets need priority on drops. Yes, we are aware that some BiS items for certain classes/specs belong to a lower armour class. However (assuming comparable attendance and dedication as detailed in point 1.), it is in the interest of the raid as a whole if the item goes to the person who does not have the option of using an alternative of a higher armour class. The argument boils down to the hypothetical situation in which a leather and a plate bracelet drop; the leather may be a bigger upgrade for the warrior than the plate, but if he takes it, the plate simply goes to waste; if instead the leather goes to the rogue and the warrior settles for the plate, the overall gain is larger and no resources are wasted. Of course, when no one for whom the item in question represents the highest available armour class expresses a need, you are free to declare yours.

5) IF an argument about loot does happen, it is down to the officers to make the final decision. This WILL be final. And remember, we're NOT stupid, we WILL know if you've been naughty!

6) We will not tolerate loot drama, we want people to play nicely!

7) It IS however perfectly acceptable to have "No, you take it, I couldn't possibly...." "But you need it, go on, I couldn't" "No, no, you need it more!" drama. THIS we don't object to in the slightest!

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