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TimTam Slam! Empty TimTam Slam!

Post  Asayanka on Mon 04 Oct 2010, 06:55

Knowing as everyone here loves chocolate, cake and cookies, I was wondering if you guys know what a Tim Tam Slam is?

First of all, TimTams are extremely yummy cookies from Australia. (Lucky me just got a couple of them!)

Those are TimTams
TimTam Slam! Timtams

A TimTam Slam is, when you use your cookie as a straw and suck either coffee or hot chocolate through it. It gets all gooey and warm and you suck it up really fast into your mouth and


chocolate heaven!!!

Natalie Imburglia shows it here:

This guy explains it more into detail:

So - what cookies do you know that would work for this experience as well? Very Happy

What other weird and delicious ways of eating something do you know?

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TimTam Slam! Empty Re: TimTam Slam!

Post  Alquiel on Mon 04 Oct 2010, 06:57

Oh! I do that with Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers!

And I love s'mores! Although we make these with digestive biscuits because we don't have Grahams Crackers...


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