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Gah, I broke it Empty Gah, I broke it

Post  Joe on Tue 15 Feb 2011, 16:20

So having made a stab at coming back to playing with you guys, it seems after my intermitent Lag has finally gotten sorted by virgin, my game has decided today (after having played two or three times earlier in the evening) to crash out via my display drivers.

Whats most odd is that it was working one minute, then the next it doesnt want to.

I've not updated anything, I've played other games since on the highest possible settings i can get, with no issues.

But the second i get past the login screen and jump on a character, the wow world starts to render and poof... its kills my display drivers, and if i dont kill the actual game off, restarts my pc.

I'm somewhat stumped as to whats causing this all of a sudden.

Feel free to throw ideas my way, as I'm confused as sin.

Love n hugs

Some silly rogue

p.s. hugs to you all as i've not really been about as of late due to work hours (85+ a week) and before you say it, yes i ran a repair and it didnt work, so short of a small miracle, my next best chance i guess is to re-download, unless a bright spark dings.

p.p.s. yes its going amazing with the new Mrs.

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