Where did my day go?

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Where did my day go? Empty Where did my day go?

Post  Joe on Sun 01 May 2011, 16:13

Today, as a rest from the norm I logged into "steam" (a legendary games distribution system) and found myself to be the proud owner of portal 2.

Naturally I was thrilled, even ran around my room for a few minutes screaming "weeeeee" and decided to play the game. I'm a huge fan of the original, and for anyone who hasnt played it, I beg of you, buy it, play it, enjoy it. Heck I might buy it for you, just so you can share.


I dont want to spoil the story, but there is a character in it, one who helps you get on your feet, and I swear to god, it was Ano.

OK, the accent was a little off, but the comedic sarcasm was bang on.

I mean this in a good way though.

Assuming you all played portal, then please also play portal 2. I spent my day wrapping my head around it...and the subtle comedy.

Best wasted sunday yet. Oh and cake, its all about the cake. (portal will explain why... why aren't you playing it yet?)

/random post over

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Where did my day go? Empty Re: Where did my day go?

Post  Sherise on Mon 02 May 2011, 00:20

I watched Dillbert play Portal and had to try it for myself since I loved the psycho robot that promises you cake.

Unfortunately, I found that my attention span is waaaay to low for a game like this. Once I got REALLY stuck and couldn`t find a way to continue, I simply went and played something else. But luckily for me, Dilly completed it and my patience was rewarded with the coolest credit song ever at the end.

He wants Portal 2 aswell, but I think he is waiting a bit until its on sale. I`m looking forward to watch him do it all again! (and yes, since there is a new co-op thingy with this, I will probably have to get it myself. Much more fun to play WITH someone!)

And why have you not added me on Steam, Joe? Hm? HM? Look out for Muffin!

*reads the text she wrote*

Nope, no spoilers. Phew.

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Where did my day go? Empty Re: Where did my day go?

Post  theanorak on Wed 04 May 2011, 06:58

I'm in Portal 2?

Gah, MORE things I can't do until the end of May


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Where did my day go? Empty Re: Where did my day go?

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