Critter Kill Squad Achievement

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Critter Kill Squad Achievement Empty Critter Kill Squad Achievement

Post  Joe on Sat 21 May 2011, 04:28

Ok so I'm an avid collector of companions and mounts, although limited by the booty bay faction issue, im still grinding for some of them.

Specifically I'm posting this for the other avid collectors, Sherise, Asa, even Alq!

I have done a bit o research into this and found two decent, non nerfed spots for killing critters in a bid to complete the achieve.

This spot is the snake pit, and with a decent AOE ability like my fan of knives, i can run circles in here and get a nice bunch of critters respawn for the next round:

There is also a nice cave up in the north western part of eatern plaguelands, it contains a stupid amount of critters, that have a respawn of about 4-5 mins. Running this as well is a good source of critters in the event you snake pit is being used.

Armadillo pup, you will be mine!

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Critter Kill Squad Achievement Empty Re: Critter Kill Squad Achievement

Post  Sherise on Sat 21 May 2011, 05:04

Aye, we farmed the spot in Eastern Plaguelands for the achievement in our Horde guild. It worked like a charm! So, I`m in! I`ll bring Angeliqa for her mage powah.

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